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Our website has an ID graph with drawings and, then there's this section of our website:  Termite Identification Service How our products work against Coptos/SchedosOur products are not just Bait and Traps. We also offer very good advice.The Bait: Colony Killer Termite BaitChlorfluazuron is blended in with powdered cellulose. Chlorfluazuron is an Insect Growth Regulator or IGR that interferes with the production of their new outer shell during their moulting procedure.

Also, the queen cannot lay eggs. Termites of castes cannot moult once fed bait, but it is the departure of thousands of nymphs which is the normal reason for this colonys demise. The chlorfluazuron has no effect on humans, pets, wildlife or birds. Our lure is exactly the very same as it's used by professionals but is enrolled and approved by the APVMA in Canberra for use by homeowners because it is really safe.

They will readily enter lure that's enclosed in a cache. Water is added to the dry bait and the sealed cach is put where they can get to it in security. The hash lure is transported back into the nest.It takes some time to get sufficient bait back to kill a nest.

Nests usually receive un-baited meals from other areas of the colony. This means that it will take at least a month, sometimes months, to kill a large colony. Once baiting is started, it is very important not to perform any gardening or landscaping or anything which may cut through any termite tunnels between  the feeding site and also the nest.

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It is important to check nearby hollow trees for termites. Killing a tree nest is quick and, if thats where the activity is coming out, it might stop within a week or two. If activity continues, there's another nest so baiting is the best, possibly only, option. Alternatives to baiting utilized by a few professionals: Baiting is more certain.

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As they die, they're cannibalised and the cannibals die, etc. until the poison return to the main nest in which the nymphs and royals which do not regurgitate also die. The time taken is 1-2 weeks, but if the dusting/foaming application is overdone or disturbs the process, the affected gallery is often sealed away.

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The next thing: weeds show up in another part of the building. The deaths from baiting probably wont occur for a few days.  Homeowners can observe the bait in the cach dwindling as it is taken away and then, when more lure is added, it disappears. While replenishing the lure, employees and some soldiers will be seen scurrying through the bulk of the bait.

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A couple of weeks of no observed life indicates the colony is dead UNLESS someone or something has severed the tunnels going back to the nest. The rule is: gears down!NOW for using Termite Traps to defend the buildingsTraps are monitors, placed around buildings so foraging termites can quickly discover them.

When they perform, the Tassie oak timber is quite attractive to Coptos and Schedos click for source and tunnels are constructed to the newly discovered food supply. This is no different to termites finding their way into any pieces of timber lying on the ground.  All damage to buildings is the result of them coming up from the ground.

(And it happens quicker when compared with monitors buried IN the dirt ). Because TermiteTraps can go on pavers and concrete, the building can be surrounded. In-ground monitors can only be put in lawns and gardens. This claim is scientifically endorsed. Trials in look at here now the USA showed that 30 monitors placed on the ground were discovered before any of 30 monitors buried in the ground have been discovered.

A number of the in-ground monitors were attacked on. Youd expect that. After all, the professionals have been successfully using in-ground monitors for about 15 decades. Its just the on-ground Traps are found sooner because thats where theyre looking and they can cover more territory in significantly less time. The TermiteTrap is designed using its foundation open into the ground and also a pit is purposely left open in the upper lid.

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You can notice this mud congestion because you walk past. No need to kneel, stoop or stop. Placed on the surface you will always have the ability to find them. Being made of UV protected polypropylene, the Traps are guaranteed to last for 10 decades but greenies will state the UV protected polypropylene will last for 20.

Our advice is a significant portion of what we provide potential clients. We provide after sales advice to anyone who asks questions and well automatically send reminders to check the Traps every 3 months to those who give us their email address. Inspection Service: Termites cause serious harm which can be expensive.

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